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There is an emerging tech toy trend that is sweeping across the landscape. Hey, Apple is in it so that means people are going to notice. I’m already on my second one if that means anything. Its “wearable tech” in other words smart wrist watches. Yes it is true that there came a day when I put my wrist watches (all of them) into a drawer and decided that between my smartphone and a few dozen other time-telling devices, I just didn’t need to be burdened by wearing a wrist watch anymore. Memo: times have changed and wrist watches do more than tell time. Far more.

There’s a new company with some established roots that is upending high tech design and utilization. They are called Papago! (the exclamation point is theirs). I’m currently looking at a few products from them, because I think they have a future. Today they let me know about their GOLIFE Care Smart Band which lets you monitor fitness, sleeping habits as well as stay on top of phone calls. The Care Smart Band is designed with a thinly made comfortable silicone band with a brushed metal face. Like other Papago! products this thing reeks of fashion sense. It monitors your sleeping patterns, steps walked throughout the day, calories burned, as well as gives you vibrating alerts when you have an incoming phone call. It’s equipped with both Ant+™ and Bluetooth technology.

So, after the Care Smart Band is fully charged it can be used for up to 8 days. Its IP66/IP67 waterproof and dustproof so you can rest assured knowing that daily wear and water contact will not harm it. You can pair it with your favorite sports equipment and heart rate monitors.

Screen resolution is 128x32 and it will come with an extra adjustable strap so it can fit multiple sizes. Self-described as a “smart band” once paired to your phone it can be setup to sync with your own personal stats in the GOLIFE Fit APP. You can set your weight loss goals, height, wake up alarms, and syncing your phone calls.

The PAPAGO! GOLIFE Care smart band will be available for purchase in the US and Canada in select retailers for $129.99 mid-November.

Visit us.papagoinc.com for the latest retailers available.


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